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HK BioBlitz

24-hour collaborative wildlife search 

During the BSAP consultation we realised other NGOs were open to big collaborative projects such as a BioBlitz but someone needed to coordinate. Our new NGO friends said, why don't you do it? So we did!


In 2015 TTT organised HK's first ever "BioBlitz" with a grant from the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), Environmental Education and Community Action (EECA) projects.  


A BioBlitz is a 24-hour race to identify as many species as possible in your chosen area.  It's fun and frantic, collaborative and colourful, inclusive and family friendly, part science lab, part exhibition, part expert reunion.  


Students from 20 school groups joined student volunteers from the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) and experts from 12 universities and NGOs, working through the day and night to identify an astonishing 680 species in Tai Tam Tuk.


Notable findings included a diversity of coral on HK island, first record of juvenile horseshoe crabs on Hong Kong island, and a rare mangrove moth!

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