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The White House

Revitalising A Declared Monument Into A Community Montessori Kindergarten 


In 2015 we discovered the grand old White House by TTT Pumping Station could become available for a three year lease.  We had all visited The Green School, Bali and wondered at its magical bamboo buildings and its vision of hands-on, inclusive, sustainable green learning.


We campaigned for it to be made into a Hong Kong's first Sustainable, Green Kindergarten.  But the Government Property Agency preferred it to be a private residence.  We submitted a bid and to our great surprise it was chosen!


With Selda, a Montessori teacher, sustainable education visionary, all-round maker-type, the downstairs rooms became home to our informal, non-profit, green and sustainable, community kindergarten which had been going since 2013 in Shek O.  


In Summer 2022 it was announced that NGO Lifewire and inclusive international school The Harbour School (THS) won the Revitalising Heritage Through Partnership bid, to turn the White House into Hong Kong's first Sustainable Green Kindergarten, opening in 2028.

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