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Adventure Kitchen Class

Permaculture for kids planting seeds for earth care, planet care and fair share 

In and all around TTT, we are planting an organic food forest garden…shhh!  Through growing, harvesting and cooking, while exploring TTT's sheltered coast, we hope to inspire kids of all ages to take care of the planet, themselves and each other.


TTT is the only HK-based member of Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (SAKGF).  Our leader is Enno, who trained with SAKGF Melbourne, Kul Kul Farm at Green School Bali, A-Team Ed-ventures and Ark Eden Lantau. And, growing up in the forests of Java Indonesia, she knows a thing or two about plants!


Gardening and cooking involve creativity, imagination, patience, persistence, getting dirty, cleaning up, using tools, and depends on humans and nature working together, to make something so much more than the sum of its parts.

The only ethical decision to make is to take responsibility for our own existence and those of our children and do it now.
~Bill Mollison

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