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Global City Nature Challenge

Putting Hong Kong on the map for urban biodiversity

In 2018 TTT coordinated Hong Kong's entry to the City Nature Challenge (CNC), a global competition to take photos of and identify as much wildlife as possible, within a 4-day competition period, using the free app iNaturalist*.  


CNC was first organised in 2016 as a "friendly" competition between San Francisco (California Academy of Sciences) and Los Angeles (Museum of Natural History).  In 2017, 16 cities in the USA joined.  In 2018, the year HK joined, CNC went global, with 68 cities taking part.  


So how did we do? San Francisco won (again) for numbers of observations, species AND participants.  But amazingly HK logged some 20,000+ observations and came a fantastic, unexpected 4th!!! for number of species (2,932), putting HK on the map for cities with fabulous urban biodiversity.      


Since 2019 we're super happy to have handed over this project (and secret weapon Shaun) to WWF-HK so head on over there to join in next time

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