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Experiments in SUP design

It's really hard making a sustainable SUP but please someone find a way 

We borrowed inflatable SUPs from our neighbours (thanks, Robert!) and discovered how awesome it was paddling around TTT at high tide.  Then we wondered whether we could create our own using local materials.


Our designer, June tested ideas using Paulownia wood grown in China, CNC milled.  Paulownia is a fast growing hardwood which you can coppice which means cut but not cut down. A long story short…the boards turned out to weigh more than 80kgs- but they did float, just about. 


We also found Cardboard Surfboards and received a kit of what seemed like a thousand bits that David from East Swell Surfboards lined up perfectly and attempted to glass for us, not with eco-horrorshow fibreglass, but real silk from Sham Shui Po fabric market and Entropy's bio-based resins.  


We came away with a renewed sense of respect for product designers who are truly dedicated to creating action gear without nasty fibreglass, polystyrene foam and petrochemicals that will still be around thousands of years after the last human has gone from planet Earth.

A typical 3 kg surfboard produces 6 kg of toxic and non-recyclable waste. 

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